We gather for worship every Sunday @ 1030a. Starting September 20th 2020, We will begin 2 services: 930a & 1045a 
If you cannot join us you can listen live by clicking on the internet radio player at the top of this page


If you have any prayer needs please text them to: 251.626.0392
We will be in continual prayer for our church and our community throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.




In these days of uncertainty we need to be more resolute in our desire to gather together than ever! While churches everywhere are closed, we will remain open for worship – whether it is inside the building or in the parking lot. We are committed to gathering.




Flashy bands, lights and fog machines are not what we do. We worship Jesus every week in the beauty of excellent music and singing done simply, but well. We find Him in  the profoundness of Christ-centered lyrics. We make no attempt to entertain and our only attraction is the cross of Christ.





The Word of God is preached and taught in everything we do! Excellent study, passionate preaching, and unwavering truth are hallmarks of Belforest Christian Church. Many people are seeking assurance in these days, you are welcome here no matter what your background is. Come and see the Lord is good!