3 Ways to WORSHIP!

1. Live & in-person every Sunday @ 1030a.
2. Live simulcast outdoors, coffee served & communion available.
3. At home via FB Live or on YouTube.
Childrens church every Sunday during our indoor & outdoor services.

5 Reason to try Belforest Christian Church

1. Just the Right Size – We are not a big church, but we are growing. We have a strong vision and we are on the march!
2. Simple, But Exceptional Worship – With a small worship team We play only Christ glorifying worship. No laser lights, no fog machine, no  nonsense – just Jesus!
3. Solid Preaching – Typically we go chapter and verse through scripture, we don’t skip the hard stuff! 
4. On the Go! – We are active in our community and outreach. Whether it be for 1 or 1000 we love and serve with passion
5. Children’s Ministry – Top notch teaching and world class teachers – your children are worth it!




In these days of uncertainty we need to be more resolute in our desire to gather together than ever! While churches everywhere are closed, we will remain open for worship – whether it is inside the building or in the parking lot. We are committed to gathering.




Flashy bands, lights and fog machines are not what we do. We worship Jesus every week in the beauty of excellent music and singing done simply, but well. We find Him in  the profoundness of Christ-centered lyrics. We make no attempt to entertain and our only attraction is the cross of Christ.





Belforest Christian Church was founded as a “little church in the country.” Well, the country grew up around us and we are excited to grow with the area! Daphne and Baldwin County is one of the fastest growing areas in Alabama. We are no longer the church in the country, we are continually adapting to meet the needs of our community. As a result, The future looks bright at Belforest Christian Church!