UPDATE 5.18.2020
We have resumed gathering inside our building! All the standard protocols are in place. service starts at 1030A. Previous messages are posted on Youtube, you can find them by searching “Belforest Christian Church” in the YouTube search bar. 
UPDATE 3.27.2020
There will be no corporate gatherings this weekend, or next week. We will be doing communion and a message this Sunday at 1030a. The message will be posted on Facebook, YouTube and on this website under the “Media” tab. When you sit down to watch the message have some bread and juice with you to participate in the online communion.
Prayer text line is available! Text your prayer needs to 251.626.0392 24/7!
Facebook lost our original account so I had to start a new one. Please look for the new face book account, the name is the same.
We have a new YouTube channel, please like, subscribe, and hit the notification icon to be alerted whenever new videos are posted.
PASTOR UPDATE: 3.22.2020
Many of you know i became ill yesterday as I was preparing for service. as a result I cancelled the service we had planned. I want to let everyone know i appreciate your prayers and that I DO NOT have coronavirus symptoms and I am feeling 100% better today! Under normal circumstances I would have moved forward with the service, but these are not normal circumstances. Please continue your prayers for our congregation as we face the unique challenges head-on. And just for clarity, all extra gatherings are cancelled until further notice.
UPDATE 3.21.2020
We will be meeting tomorrow for ‘micro services’ in groups of 8 people or less. those who have express a desire to be part of a service have already been contacted and know when to meet and what to bring.
in the midst of a communication challenge our Facebook page has experienced significant challenges and we have lost the ability to make posts to it and so it is no longer the primary means of communication until further notice.
I started this tab on the website and this will need to take the place of facebook for now. If you want to stay in the loop please check our webpage daily.